Profound affection have I for all my dolls!
Wistful Patrick with his mossy eyes,
Mute remained he through all days and nights,
Thus I pulled the stuffing from his chest,
To lay my sultry, swollen face to rest,
My Paddy doll, the greatest manwhore of all.

Pure admiration have I for all my dolls!
Astute Michael with his goldfinch speech,
A parcel inert as ever I reach,
Thus I tore the larynx from his neck,
To possess of him a tiny speck,
My MJ doll, treasured beyond them all.

A predilection have I for all my dolls!
As disrobed judges do they preside,
Torn limbs evidence as I am tried,
Of how I failed at humanity,
May their measured ruling for me be,
To live as a doll, numb, like them all.

September 8th, 2019 by Passenger B ©

Image: Cover art for KoRn’s album “Issues”